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Jacobson Family

>> Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Really had fun doing this wonderful families photos. Beautiful people, beautiful weather, beautiful locations, couldn't have been better. Well, maybe minus the mosquitoes, but its Minnesota, so what do you expect?

Hope you enjoy the session!


Cousins Are The Best

Check out this red head and his cousin! We had fun playing model and photographer. Even let her, with some help, take pictures of her cousin. This little red headed boy is likely my favorite little man to photograph. Here he is staring off looking at the cows coming up to the fence.  We were on a time crunch with incoming rain, but it made for some very gorgeous skies! 


Skjerven Family

Had a very fun session with this beautiful family. Their little girls are just adorable. We braved some Minnesota Mosquitoes, and got some updated family pictures for them. Thanks for the fun afternoon! 


Little Laddies 2014

>> Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My youngest was sick with Coupe at the time, so our Easter was a bit hectic. Managed to get some Easter pictures of them on a warmer day, and I was glad I took the opportunity because the following weeks were been plagued with rainy days, or sunny days that still held the moister from previous rainy days in and on everything around.
I love my little laddies. The dresses were a gift from their grandma, and I loved the color of them with their blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. They were excited to be dressed up so cute. :) 
The scarf pictured was a gift to me from my youngest sister who is currently living in South Africa. The distance is hard some days, but I'm thankful for technology, which allows us to be a click away with apps like Skype, or Facetime, Texting, and phone calls. :) I was happy to incorporate the scarf. 

They love each other, despite being best friends friends and enemies some days. 

Kylyn 6, Joslyn 3. 


Whats New??

> 2014 Investment Chart is POSTED.


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